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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Madness!

This thanksgiving was so special, I had one of the most amazing home cooked dinners courtesy of my boyfriend’s mother, Cheryl, and even played badminton towards the end! My “adopted” nephews decided to proclaim me the winner even if the other team scored, which I found heartwarming and adorable. I wish I could have stayed longer but I ended up heading home and rushing to take a power nap before adventuring on Black Friday.
It was exactly 3am when I sadly kissed my pillow goodbye. I put on my jacket and met a very, very cold night. As we drove, we passed by Walmart which to my surprise was deserted. I can’t believe people had picket it clean in 3 hours! After picking up another fellow Black Friday adventurer, we finally arrived at Citrus Park Mall.
The first stop was Macy’s where I scooped out a Lacome Beauty Sensation Set! 13 full sized items for just 57$ with another Lacome Purchase. It wasn’t a Black Friday Deal so you can still buy it at Macy’s or Online. I had a lovely lady from Lancome assist me with picking out which of the two set I should buy. Can you guess which one I got?  Then we went to a couple of other stores while I waited for Sephora’s doors to open at 7:00am. There were some really amazing deals and surprisingly enough, they were still available. I couldn’t resit entering Victoria’s Secret. It was so packed because of their Black Friday limited edition tote with a 65$ Purchase.
As we ninja’d our way out of the store, a swarm of people decided to push us back in; somehow we managed to get out of there alive. After that almost near death experience, I needed to cater the male counter parts of our small group to balance out the copious amounts of estrogen. We visited American Eagle Outfitters and Pacsun.  I quickly made my way to the hat sections and neither of the stores failed to disappointed.
After making a couple of stops at other stores and passing cleverly designed store attraction devices composed of shirtless men and gorgeous girls  (you clever stores… you…) we started to make our way back towards Sephora.
 Our plan was to wait outside Sephora at 6:30AM. We arrived earlier at 6:15am and to my surprise there were already people sitting outside the store. I ended up talking to almost everyone outside the store. They were all so sweet and cute! I had a blast listening to their crazy Black Friday experiences and what they were going to buy from Sephora 10$ for 10 promotion. Majority decided they wanted the Stilla Palette that is worth around 70$<3

Waiting at Sephora

Sneak peak of the 10$ for 10 promotion

The lovely Stephanie and Nancie

My cute friend John

MaryBeth and her pretty smile

April and her boyfriend Nick. Isn't she gorgeous??


At exactly 7:00am the door opened and everyone rushed in. I have never seen people go through merchandise like this. Sephora employees had to restock 10 minutes after the opening! MaryBeth, one of the cute girls I spoke to, had already picked up her stuff and check out, before everyone. She was so fast, I proclaim her the Black Friday Shopping Ninja! I wish I could have been that fast, maybe then I could be a ninja…
I love going into Sephora everyone always looks amazing! The sales people were so nice despite constantly bombarded by ravenous costumers. I really respect anyone working on Black Friday and still be able to keep a smile on their faces despite being horribly exhausted.
After surviving Sephora, the group decided it was too early to go home. In result we drove towards CountrySide Mall. My boyfriend being one of the sweetest people I know, bought me another present: a Huge Simba from the Disney store. Can you believe it was only 16$!
My Simba is almost home!
I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if I didn’t go into GameStop on Black Friday… Whenever I enter the store I feel complete.
We popped in another Sephora where I saw one of the most beautiful Sephora employees ever! Look at her makeup, it’s to die for!
We finally headed home after that.  I put on my cookie sweater and went through all the amazing steals I made on Black Friday.
All in all, I had an amazing day where I met some really amazing and sweet  people! How was your Black Friday?
Stay Beautiful*

Friday, November 25, 2011

Asuka Langley

Who doesn't like Evangelion? This was one of the first Animes I ever watched. Evangelion is great and it inspired me to make this tutorial. I decided to replicate Asuka's look because I relate to her the most. She's cute and little bit crazy. She was also the easiest because she's only a quarter Japanese. 
I was sick with pneumonia while I made this so Im sorry for my puffy face and horse voice T-T
Hope you enjoy this look


Shiro Sagisi
"Thesis of An Atrosious Angel"
"Fly me to the Moon"
"Preview (Jikai Yokoku)"


Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Primer in Neutral (0)
YSL Teint Resist (This Foundation has SPF 10, so if you are going to take pictures avoid it! If not this foundation is fabulous)
Tarte Smooth Operator in Medium
Sisley Transparent Loose Face Powder in 1 mate
Eyeshadows -- Shany Cosmetics 120 Palette
Eyemazing Lashes No.503
Dolly Wink Bottom Lashes no.7
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in 13 (black)
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Warm Beige (13)
Bourjois Delice de Poudre no.51
NARS Mini Blush in Super Orgasm
YSL Golden Gloss No. 10

Interface Headset clips