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Monday, November 7, 2011

Beating your Cold!

Hi guys! Winter blues are almost here and they can be nasty to deal with, especially when you get a cold!  Here is my guide on how to beat your evil cold!

Drink Up!
Drinking water is probably the best way to fight any kind of illness in your body. You should drink a little more than your usual intake when you have a cold. Your body is releasing alot of fluid and by keeping the body hydrated, it allows it to do its job better by helping flush out any bugs/germs in your body.

Humidifiers cause great relief if you are coughing. I usually tend to get dry nose and skin through my cold so  I bought this adorable Hello Kitty humidifier from Target! It does it's job and still looks cute ^-^

Air Filtering Plants
Air filtering plants help to remove the airborne pollutants that circulate your room and affect your breathing. This is a very natural way of filtering your air and improving it's quality. Air Filtering plants can even help to reduce allergies!
There are many air filtering plants you can choose from but I prefer the Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) because it's not toxic to animals. You can get them at any gardening center and they are pretty inexpensive.

Whenever I am sick I always make sure to use socks. If you walk barefooted, you can lose a lot of body heat through the soles of your feet. When your body is a fighting a virus, it's already in a lot of stress trying to regulate the body's temperature. The last thing you want is to lose body heat which will result in lowering your immune system and elongating your cold. I really love Airplus Aloe Infused socks. The have vitamin E and are ultra moisturizing! I'm all for beating a cold in these comfy socks!

Vitamins like, Vitamin C are great for preventing and getting over a cold. If you are not taking your vitamins, make sure you start. You need to give your body it's weapons to fight the evil cold. Try taking Emer'gen-C. "Emer'gen-C Drink Mix -Fizzes in water to furnish 1,000 mg of vitamin C with 32 different mineral complexes plus B vitamins"

Another great relief for you cough is honey. This was something my father always told me whenever I got a cold. Take a spoon of honey whenever you feel like you're going to cough. Honey will coat and soothe an irritated throat. Try raw Buckwheat Honey.

Try not to compromise on sleep. Your body is working hard to fight off the cold! I hope that this helps and if you have any questions please don't forget to ask.
 Make sure you stay warm and comfortable!

Stay Beautiful*

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