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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Be your own Fantasy Character

Fantasy makeup has always been my favorite type of makeup

I'm a gamer at heart and love RPGs. So I decided I wanted to make a character inspired by games like Final Fantasy. My goal here was to mimic a fantasy character's facial structure by enlarging the eye area and contouring the face.
I'm not going to lie, this makeup took forever! But then again, it was partially because when you're filming you have to show what your doing and sometimes I'd get so into doing the makeup that I would forget. I ended up re-filming a couple of steps. In total I took me a little more than an hour and a half to do. Don't get discouraged!! This look is so worth it. My camera gives it no justice!

By the way, I didn't add subtitles to this videos because it's a very subjective video. You can choose to skip or even add your own steps.

As to the glue, I filmed at my friends house who lives an hour away. When I got home the flowers were intact! The silk flowers are so light that the glue was able to support it. I salute you Elmer's glue stick!



The XX
"The xx - Infinity"

I couldn't help my self I had to add my favorite band to this video!
They're really good, I highly suggest you buy their music from iTunes!
The XX website:
The XX youtube:
The XX iTunes:

Also I used a remix by Flufftronix. It's mind blowing... PLEASE check him out
Flufftronix Website:
Flufftronix Youtube:
Flufftronix iTunes:

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