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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've been meaning to write about this for a while. About a year ago I encountered Japanese 3d nail art and I was so amazed by how creative these designs were. I mean, they were pieces of art for your nails:3 When I first tried them, I thought that they were going to be really uncomfortable, but you do get used to having them. After a couple of days I didn't even notice I had them. It almost feels like that first time you try gel or acrylic nails except they look much cuter! Generally with a little care the nails will last 2-3 weeks. But I was actually able to wear them up to 4 weeks! Like I said a little bit of care goes a long way.

There are two websites I love to visit when I'm picking out 3D Nails.
Yukiumi Nails  and Bling up. If you are a first timer then I really recommend that you try Yukiumi Nails. Yukiumi's nails are more simple and a little cheaper than Bling up. You really want to see if you like them before fully investing in a set of 3D nails. Both websites include a nail kit with nail glue, a file and a repair kit (replacement gems, etc). Yukiumi nails also include a buffer/shiner and a wooden stick(for applying the gems) while Bling up includes 10 pieces of Professional double-sided nail tape for each nail set. Regardless, whatever website you choose, you will be satisfied^-^

Here are my favorite nails from Yukiumi<3
(The links are under the Nail Photos)

And my favorites from Bling up
(The links are under the Nail Photos)

Hope you enjoyed this post
Stay beautiful*
- Catarina

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